A Tribute to Desaparecidos, Our Beloved Heroes

Daugther of a desaparecido, still searching for a missing father.

We will forever be grateful for your bravery and sacrifice, your intelligence, the times we spent together, the lives you led when you were still alive.
Though we have yet to find justice for your disappearance, beloved heroes, we are here to continue the struggles you started. And we know that you are here to guide us. You may not be beside us physically, but we know you remain with us, giving us strength.

We are thankful because although you left many families behind, you also left us with memories that will always remain in our hearts. We may not have experienced for ourselves what you went through – risking your lives not just for your families, but for the whole nation – still, this much we know: you were triumphant.
Unwittingly, you also left traces of intense pain in our lives. the wounds are still with us, your comrades, spouses, children, families, all people whose lives you touched. Nevertheless, we thank you for loving your country so much, that you sacrificed even your lives.

Sadly, disappearance and human rights violations take place all over the world until now. We know that in other countries, there are desaparecidos too who suffered the same fate as you. All of us whom you left behind have you to inspire us. We will never forget how you steadfastly served the country despite its grave consequences.

We continue to search for you. Many of us hope to find you, though your blood may have ceased to flow through your veins. Even if all we discover are your remains, our pain will be relieved, somewhat. in the meantime, the fight for justice goes on, even as we grieved. We struggle to overcome all challenges despite the tears.
We will never forget you, beloved desaparecidos, our heroes. We are deeply thankful to all of you. You will always be remembered… wherever you may be.

by Jaime Lopez, son of a desaparecido

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