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Isabatas na ang Anti-Enforced Disappearance Law. Now na!!!

Anti-Enforced Disappearance Law Now!!

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UNSILENCED, a photo by SAD_ph on Flickr.


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Darkness Is Also Good
It Is An Essential Part Of The Universe
God Created It, And It Created Us

Without Darkness, How Can We Sleep Deeply?!
Without Darkness, How Can Daytime Be Nighttime?!
Without Darkness, How Can We Have A Healthy Hair?!
Without Darkness, How Can Our Pupil Absorb The Light?!

Without Darkness, How Can Black People Start The Human Race?!
Without Darkness, How Can We Explore The Vast Outer Space?!
Without Darkness, How Can We Watch A Pretty Eclipse?!
Without Darkness, How Can A Black Hole Perform Its Role?!

Without Darkness, How Can Solar Panels Absorb Energy?!
Without Darkness, How Can A Charcoal Burn Efficiently?!
Without Darkness, How Can Oil Emit Some Energy?!
Without Darkness, How Can We Watch A Monochrome TV?! Continue reading

Joint Statement on the 26th Commemoration of the Enforced Disappearance of Fr. Rudy Romano, CsSR

Joint Statement on the 26th Commemoration of the Enforced Disappearance of Fr. Rudy Romano, CsSR.

At around 3:45 PM, a man riding a blue motorcycle was blocked by armed men, shoved into a white Ford Cortina bearing government license plates and taken away.  The person would later on fit the description of Fr. Rudy Romano, CsSR.

It was July 11, 1985. He was 44 years old.

Twenty six years later, we still ask the question asked by many on that fateful day, “Where is Fr. Rudy?”.

Perhaps his enforced disappearance was orchestrated by those could not live with his leadership role in the progressive movement or perhaps by those whose interests were threatened by his community organizing and fraternizing with the basic masses – the workers, the farmers, the poor.  Perhaps he inspired resistance against the injustices perpetrated by the forces that be. Perhaps his abduction was meant to silence the growing anti-dictatorship sentiments in the province.

These nagging questions persist to this day. What is certain is that despite Fr. Rudy’s sudden disappearance, his personal struggle for social change has taken a collective form and continues to this day.

For every worker who is deprived of his just share in the distribution of wealth, Fr. Rudy is there. For every farmer denied of his dignity by being denied of his right to till his own land, Fr. Rudy is there. For every injustice, Fr. Rudy is there. Continue reading

Dreams, the Other Side of Reality

I, Gardo, am a leader of farmers. I have a wife who is three months pregnant with our first child.

I was at a meeting until 8:00 one night. When I got home, I felt my eyelids slowly getting heavier… I was so tired, I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep. I woke up at the same time that the rooster crowed. It was already 5:00. Oh no, the sun will already be up by the time I hit the road! my wife scolded me as I was getting dressed. “Hoy! The morning light will soon catch up on you, hurry up!” she said. There was a knock on the door. Tok! Tok! When we opened the door, two armed men barged in and took me by force. We were helpless as they dragged me towards the mountain. They started beating me up. “Aaarrgh!!” My jaws almost shattered because of the hard beatings. I was drowning from the blood oozing from my nose. I could no longer see anything. The only sound I could hear was their laughter, “Hahahahaha!” When we reached the top of the mountain, they pointed a gun at me and suddenly, bang! Continue reading


“NASAAN KA?” Ezekiel O. Estojero, 17 yrs old 15” x 20”, oil pastel on board

Enforced or involuntary disappearance. Many Filipinos are still unaware of how widespread this odious offense is in the country. The commission of this offense did not end with the Marcos regime, but continued with each succeeding administration.

Many of the victims are workers. Workers who were forced to fight for their rights, which capitalists shamelessly violated. Workers who fought for their principles against those who belong to the more powerful echelons of the society.

Who would have thought that the State, mandated to protect its citizens, is the main culprit behind such offense? Disappearance is perpetrated by State agents who claim that these workers hinder economic growth, when in fact all they are guilty of is hindering capitalist’ accumulation of wealth. These capitalist seem to have forgotten that labor is a primary economic force and that the works who supply it shed blood and sweat just to put some food on the table – even if it’s just a meal of salt and rice. All the while, they who own the companies wallow in riches. Continue reading

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I may be young, but I am empowered.

I have the ability to inform and to encourage everyone to be involved in ensuring the protection of human rights.


"SARANGOLA", by John Cyril Ramos, 12 years old

Before, I used to impress myself only in play and amusement. I relied heavily on adults, meekly saying “yes ma’am, yes sir” to everything they say even when I disagree with them. “This is what you should do…” “Do it this way…”, “you can’t do this! You can’t do that!” – words I often heard from my elders. I was always dictated upon. I was weak, afraid to express my own views. I did not have a voice.

Buy, as time passed, I realized that the situation then is not the situation now. So much has changed around us, especially in our society. The situation has worsened. The once peaceful community is now chaotic. The poor keep getting poorer as the rich getting richer. There are opportunistic government officials who abuse their power. Crime rates and reported cases of human rights violations are on the rise.

Who are affected by this worsening national scenario? Everyone, right? But, we the children, are most affected. We are the ones haplessly left in a tight spot. Aren’t we supposed to be the hope of the nation?

Because of the changes around me, my outlook began to change, too. I have slowly metamorphosed. I found courage to express what I think and feel. I now have the voice to state my opinions. I decide for myself. I no longer let my fears stop me from trying things I have never done before. And most of all, my mind is now broader, more open, especially regarding human rights and child rights issues. Continue reading