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Anchored on Principles

“LIGTAS SA KARAHASAN Jemimah G. Crismo, 13 yrs old 15” x 20”, oil pastel on board

Meet Rigor, born and raised in Bicol. His grandfather is a lawyer. His father is a lawyer. They are a clan of lawyers. His mother always says that it’s about time that they put an end to their clan’s practice of fighting for the rights of the poor pro bono. Rigor has met and known all kinds of people: politicians,actors, workers… all sorts of people coming from all sectors of society.

Because of the people surrounding him, his eyes were gradually opened to the true colors of people, the true colors of the world. True, his predecessors were always associated with human rights issues. But, his own knowledge about such things seemed lacking.

He couldn’t help but be involved in the human rights movement. If you look closely at its advocates, you will see that most of them are workers looking for justice after suffering from abusive elements of the rich and bourgeoisie. They are workers looking for something to lean on and energize them during those times when the movement seems devoid of hope. In them, Rigor found a friend, a family that he considers his own.

But in any struggle, it is difficult if not impossible to prevent violence and crimes from taking place. Fabricated cases hound the workers. Times like these, Rigor’s “family” needs him most. He did all he can to make things right , to fight for the rights of others. In the process, he had to face powerful adversaries in court people who were highly influential.

One day, Rigor was on his way home from a hearing when armed men suddenly blocked his way. He was forcibly dragged into a car with no plate number. The driver immediately revved its motor to take Rigor to their safehouse as quickly as possible. Rigor was blindfolded before he was made to get off from the car. He was taken to a room where the only sounds he could hear were the armed men saying things like, ” I don’t think this one will still be alive by the time the sun rises.” Continue reading

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A Tribute to Desaparecidos, Our Beloved Heroes

Daugther of a desaparecido, still searching for a missing father.

We will forever be grateful for your bravery and sacrifice, your intelligence, the times we spent together, the lives you led when you were still alive.
Though we have yet to find justice for your disappearance, beloved heroes, we are here to continue the struggles you started. And we know that you are here to guide us. You may not be beside us physically, but we know you remain with us, giving us strength.

We are thankful because although you left many families behind, you also left us with memories that will always remain in our hearts. We may not have experienced for ourselves what you went through – risking your lives not just for your families, but for the whole nation – still, this much we know: you were triumphant.
Unwittingly, you also left traces of intense pain in our lives. the wounds are still with us, your comrades, spouses, children, families, all people whose lives you touched. Nevertheless, we thank you for loving your country so much, that you sacrificed even your lives. Continue reading

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